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Available to pre-order:

On the 20th of February pre-order is available for the Standard Editions and the Deluxe Editions of LIBER THAGIRION by Asenath Mason

'Liber Thagirion' by Asenath Mason

We will print the last 133 copies in the next weeks and will be printed/bound and made ready for shipping in the last week of March. Once these are sold, then this book is officially SOLD OUT.  

At the same time we will also created the beautiful leather bound deluxe edition hardcovers, published limited to 50 exemplars total.

'The Explicit Name of Lucifer' by G. De Laval

The last 100 copies of 'The Explicit Name of Lucifer' by G. De Laval will be made available to pre-order on the 20th of February.
These are the last copies to be printed and bound.

The first 100 copies were sold in a matter of weeks. We expect the same for the 2nd batch of 100 copies. Once these are printed/bound...we have then reached the full volume quantity limited to 200 exemplars total.

* * *

'Sefer Yeroch Ruachot' by G. De Laval

Sales of this title is temporary closed! The print production has started and we expect the book to be ready for shipping by the end of next week (20th of February).

The first 100 copies of the 200 total are now sold out. We will make the latter 100 copies available after we have packed and shipped all pre-ordered exemplars.

'The Serpent Siddur of the Nachash El Acher' by Matthew Wightman

Sales for all editions of 'The Serpent Siddur' is now temporarily closed. We will have a few left-over copies of the deluxe edition, which will be added to the webstore as soon the pre-ordered copies are shipped to customers who left a pre-order reservation.

The first 100 exemplars of the standard edition of
'The Serpent Siddur' are now sold out.

A pre-order for the next and last batch of the standard edition of 'The Serpent Siddur' will be made available in March.

With this last print run we will thus complete the full edition limitation of the first print of 200 copies total.

The exact pre-order date for the final exemplars of the standard edition will be announced soon.

'Whisperings from the Void' by Patrick J Larabee

The standard edition is temporarily out of stock.
This book will be back in stock in the next weeks.

An announcement will be posted on our Facebook-page as soon this title is available in stock.

* * *

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