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Update 10th October 2015:

Available to order are two brand new titles being: Malevolence by V. Moore and Saturn Rising by J. Kirkbride.

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On September 1st we will be taking advance pre-orders for the Subscribers Plan which covers the first 6 books (standard cloth bound edition) of the 18 Volume series. Customers who place a pre-order for the Subscribers Plan of 6 books will receive a discount of 25%. The pre-order of the Subscribers Plan will be available during September and October*.

*depending on how many pre-orders remain after September!!

Note: the first 108 Subscribers Plan orders will receive extra gifts. More info below.

* * *

Publication announcement for Matthew Wightman's forthcoming 18 Volume book series.

Author of the wonderful book 'The Serpent Siddur of the Nachash El Acher' mr. Matthew Wightman is, as we speak, working on a huge book series which will span 18-Volumes.

The first 6 books of this series are scheduled for release in the months during 2015 till end of 2016.

The publishing release date of the first book of this series is set on the 22nd of December, 2015.

Mr. Wightman has already finished the first couple of books for this series and we will be working on the internal lay-out design in the next weeks/months.

We will make full info and synopsis of the first 6 books available in the webstore when pre-order is make available.

The forthcoming works by Matthew Wightman will be particularly interesting to those who enjoyed his debut release 'The Serpent Siddur’.

For those interested, we will make a special discount offer available during the pre-order phase. We will launch a Subscribers-Plan for the first 6 books of the Standard Edition.

Price per edition without the Subscriber Plan discount:

- 131 standard edition, retail: 61 euro (each)**

- 31 deluxe edition will get an extra Ritual Chapter in their books but NO Other Extras. Retail: 199 euro*

- 13 devotee edition will get an extra Ritual Chapter, and a Special Unique Talisman. Retail: 299 euro*

- 3 special editions will get the extra Ritual Chapter, and a Special Bonus to be determined

*subject to change!

**SUBSCRIBERS of ALL SIX Standard Edition Books (limited to 108 subscriptions) will get a velvet “talisman bag” Cleansed, Consecrated, Dedicated, and Sigilized that will accompany a Hexagon Art/Ritual Card that will be Cleansed, Consecrated, Dedicated, Sigilized, and Signed, to be used for the rituals described in the book.

We will launch the book series as following:

- A subscriber plan with 25% discount for all 6 books available for pre-order in the months September till end of October only!

- There will be no pre-order for single copies of the Standard Edition. Single copies will be in Stock on the 22nd of December. NO discount.

- A pre-order for Book 1 deluxe edition available on September 1st. - A pre-order for Book 1 devotee edition available on September 1st.

- There will be no subscriber plan for the deluxe and devotee editions. There will be no discount on either deluxe editions.

More info via this link here: 

Explanation and background info for Matthew Wightman's forthcoming book-series.

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