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Aeon Sophia Press 'supporters' patch

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Aeon Sophia Press 'supporters' patch Summary


High quality made woven emblem 'Supporters' patches of the Aeon Sophia Press logo.

The first batch is limited edition to 50 exemplars. Once these are gone, we will not know if and when we produce another batch of patches.

These patches are made for those who wish to express their support of Aeon Sophia Press. These patches are not superficial merchandise, like ordinary band merch and/or the nowadays so popular 'occult apparel', but these patches are an expression of one's inner Occult and Spiritual principles and convictions. Each of the individual patches hold within Qliphothic, 'LHP', and Luciferian essences.

The meaning of the symbols of the patches are both as obscure and hidden as well as they are obvious and its meaning in clear sight to those more enlightened ones and who are already familiar with it.

Aeon Sophia Press as both an esoteric & occult book publisher, as well as the owner & founder of Aeon Sophia Press, have established over the years, on a deep personal and private level, firm roots in the occult matters. These Spiritual roots serve as the core foundation and essence of what Aeon Sophia Press stands for and for what as a book publishing company tries to spread to those who are interested in it.

These "Supporters" patches are another expression of those aforementioned Spiritual Roots. And thus are not made to just showing off. But instead should be worn by the owner with a sense of pride and honor and understanding.

That being said....(and like all products of Aeon Sophia Press) each of these "Supporters" patches are created with utmost care and they are made to very high quality standards. The patches are durable and weather resistant, the embroidery is very carefully done and the result is a fine and detailed woven design of each patch.

We expect that the buyer/owner of the patch agrees not ever to offer the patch in the second hand market. And thus keep the patch for her/himself. These patches are thus not at all meant for reselling purposes.

Please be aware: We keep the right to refuse sales!

About the retail price:
We are aware that the asking price is slightly higher than what you normally see elsewhere with band merch or whatever 'occult apparel'....please let us remind you that our "Supporters" patches has nothing to do whatsoever with such merchandising or apparel.

We work hard and we are passionate about what we do and we thus ensure that each of the books and other products we create meet our quality standard as well as what they mean to us on a Spiritual level.

Our aim is not to achieve quick sales. It is for us more important to see these wonderful books and "Supporters" patches in the hands of our true and loyal supporters who genuinely care about what Aeon Sophia Press stands for.

Aeon Sophia Press embroidery emblem patches comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate is a thick full color double-sided print fold out card. Each copy will be hand numbered.

The size of the patch is: 90 mm width. Black background and a dark silver grey embroidery stitch.

Logo design by JCB/Aeon Sophia Press © Aeon Sophia Press.