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Handbook of Sacred Anatomy DEVOTEE Edition

Jose Gabriel
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Handbook of Sacred Anatomy DEVOTEE Edition Summary


Devotee edition Handbook of Sacred Anatomy.

This is the first book in our Artbook Series.

Handbook of Sacred Anatomy by Jose Gabriel Alegria

"The first part consists in a 'Mutus Liber', a little book without words, but the images present codified texts and symbols, which the reader will recognize or not, depending on his/her interest and familiarity with arcane images. The order and content of each drawing is not random, I've planned it with dedication and care, yet I don't want it to be read or understood objectively. The main aim of the book is clearly stated by the last image of the maiden in red, although I believe beauty can be enjoyed without the full understanding of a vision, it is it's mystery what makes it beautiful, and for me, art should create enigmas instead of solid answers, for doubt feeds creation. Anatomy and geometry are the main subjects here, and the curious dialogue between both languages, being both efforts of understanding the visible and invisible world."

The Devotee edition is published limited to 11 exemplars.


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