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Kingdoms of Flame by Koetting DELUXE edition. Limited to 18 exemplars.

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Kingdoms of Flame by Koetting DELUXE edition. Limited to 18 exemplars. Summary

E. A. KOETTING Kingdoms of Flame DELUXE edition published by Ixaxaar.

Info from the publisher:

Kingdoms of Flame is a Grimoire for the evocation of various astral beings and a dark pathworking to adepthood. The first four chapters give a detailed analysis of the text and the magickal system therein. It is in these pages that the reader will be given the knowledge necessary to use the grimoire in practical manner to effect changes in themselves and in the concrete world. The remaining nine chapters include magick squares and the names, sigils and attributes of 56 entities that have never before appeared in any grimoire or text.

Edition specification:

- Special Edition of 18 copies Hardbound in black leather with handmade endpapers.

- Black bookmark ribbon.

- Five raised bands on the spine.

- Black coloured edges on the pages and an inlaid motif of the Seal of the Sorcerer on the cover.

- Signed by the author.

- 124 pages.

The deluxe edition also includes a booklet called Unredeemable, a story of satanic fiction, 38 pages. 

A Grimoire of Black Magick, Evocation, and Sorcery by ARCHAELUS BARON

1st SIGNED DELUXE Full Leather Edition.

First edition (C) 2005 Ixaxaar Occult Literature