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Sepher ha-Maggid - The Book of Asmodeus by Humberto Maggi Deluxe Edition

Sepher ha Maggi
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Sepher ha-Maggid - The Book of Asmodeus by Humberto Maggi Deluxe Edition Summary


Sepher ha-Maggid
The Book of Asmodeus By Humberto Maggi.

We now make available to pre-order the Sepher Ha-Maggid. 

We have started the print production for the Sepher Ha-Maggid and expect to receive the printed copies in the last week of June or first week of July.

We will start to pack and ship the first pre-ordered copies in the 2nd and/or 3rd week of July.

We expect to ship the special deluxe editions a few weeks after the Standard editions.

Sepher Ha-Maggid - The Book of Asmodeus by Humberto Maggi.


"Scattered amongst the pages of the Talmud and of the Zohar we find elusive mentions about the Maaseh Kishuf, the Work of Sorcery, and the Maaseh Shedim, the Work of Demons. This grimoire gathers this dispersed knowledge to reconstitute the forbidden craft called in the pages of the Zohar the Serpentine Sorcery, attributed to the wicked Balaam and taught by the King of the Shedim, the demon Ashmedai, also known as Asmodeus.

The Talmud tells how the benign shedim conversed with the rabbis who were gifted with the "language of the demons," instructing them in the knowledge of sorcery; and in the Zohar we find that Asmodeus was Solomon's teacher, and that he gave to him a book of magical knowledge. Uniting academic research with the instructions of his own maggid shed (demonic teacher), Humberto Maggi presents a powerful combination of necromantic experience and scholarly knowledge to create a small jewel in the Solomonic Tradition of Magic."

Table of Contents:

- Preface

- Serpentine Sorcery

   - Serpentine Sorcery Nehashim
   - Demons Sheddim
   - The Other Side Sitra Achra
   - Teacher Maggid
   - Evil Dead Dybbuk
   - Asmodeus Ashmedai
   - Book of Asmodeus Sifra De-ashmedai
   - Evil Eye Ayin Ha-Ra
   - Offering Korban
   - Altar Mizbeah

- The Book of Asmodeus

   - The Prophecies of Balaam
   - The Astrachios Prayer
   - The Invocation of Asmodeus
   - Sigil of Asterion
   - The Bones of Balaam
   - Commentaries to The Book of Asmodeus
   - Post Scriptum

We will be publishing this book in 2 versions:

Standard edition hardcover:

- Paper bound, with a full spread out, full color cover art work.
- 120 grams black end papers
- silk head and tail bands finished
- Smyth-sewn construction bookblock
- 120 grams soft-tone creme/white 'Roman'-paper

Limited edition of 200 exemplars.

Deluxe edition hardcover:

- Full leather bound
- Adorned with gold foil sigil to the front cover
- Gold foil lettering printed to the spine
- Silk head/tail bands finished
- Smyth-swen construction bookblock
- 120 grams soft-tone creme/white Biotop wood free

Limited edition of 50 exemplars.

We are close to finishing the internal lay-out design and the book will be approx 156 pages.