1557 Rites of Nullification by MEPHORASH

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1557 Rites of Nullification by MEPHORASH Summary

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1557 Rites of Nullification
by MEPHORASH, 12" vinyl.

MEPHORASH is a black metal band hailing from Sweden featuring members of Malign, ex Ofermod. Their new album has been just released by Odium Records and its divided into 4 hymns which serves as a luminescent focal point for the fourfold rite of nullification of the four primal elements. Each track of the album features additional vocals from the vocalists of Malign, Hetroertzen, Embrace of Thorns and Fides Inversa.

1. Riphyon- The Tree Of Assiyah Putrescent
2. Phezur- Dissolving The Sea Of Yetzirah
3. Cheidolun- Breaking The Blade Of Beriah
4. Berberioth- Vandalising The Throne Of Atziluth