IGNIS HAERETICUM - "Luciferian Gnosis" music CD

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IGNIS HAERETICUM - "Luciferian Gnosis" music CD Summary

IGNIS HAERETICUM "Luciferian Gnosis" CD.

Luciferian Gnosis Tracklisting:

1. Sub Tuum Praesidium
2. Mysterium Fidei
3. Ad Serpentem Tortuosum
4. Luciferian Gnosis
5. Sekhem-Hra Apep
6. De Sphinge Revelationem Mysterii
7. Exercitatus Spiritualium
8. Sic Luceat Lux Vestra!



'An immersive world of dark secret ritual' review by NausikaDalazBlindaz, was posted at: http://www.metal-archives.com

From start to finish, Ignis Haereticum's "Luciferian Gnosis" is a dense raw black metal work that conjures up a self-contained and self-sufficient world of dark secret ritual and unspeakable ceremonial rites. The album reminds me of French BM bands like Antaeus and Deathspell Omega who perform their own investigations on ritual, self-abasement and the nature of sin, and find conventional Christian religion inadequate and unable to mount a defence of its philosophy concerning the meaning of life and sin.

By turns darkly sparkling with sometimes shrill lead guitar, mixed percussion beats and rhythms, and featuring harsh gravelly vocals, this band owes a big debt to Deathspell Omega in sound and inspiration. Partly because of the DSO influence and the density of the music, listeners should hear this album all the way through, even though it's nearly 50 minutes long, a few times before trying to pick out individual songs. The Colombians have a way to go before they can match DSO in technical complexity and originality in song composition but they are not doing badly in creating an intense delirious and deranged style of Satanic BM. The songs are not very distinct from one another and could be considered chapters in an over-arching concept. Most songs have a minimal structure with repeating riff loops - "Ad Serpentem Tortuosum" comes to mind - and the pace is usually easy-going as well. As the album continues, the minimalist approach to song construction seems to be something of a hindrance for tracks in the middle of the album; the band seems unable to convert the energy built up by repetition into something explosive.

The middle of the album does slow down quite a bit and it only starts to pick up speed with "De Sphinge Revelationem Mysterii". From here on in, the album gathers more speed and anticipation, as though a stupendous apocalyptic showdown is imminent and everyone must prepare for final judgement when it comes. The final track with its Hollywood movie voice-over soundtrack turns out to be a disappointment after a long build-up of strongly atmospheric BM boasting good and consistent musicianship.

What stands out here is the band's raw and brooding sound and my feeling of being completely immersed in a dark universe of limitless evil, suppressed anger and uneasy tension. The album's ambience is clear and seems quite vast though of course it's very dark. Unseen entities roam in the background and make themselves known only through deep-voiced incantations or whispered messages.

Ignis Haereticum might not hope to match DSO's sometimes tricky jazz-influenced technical complexities but if they can emphasise atmosphere and emotion more in their music, they may well become serious competition to DSO in their own way. In fact, not being as complex as DSO may work to the Colombians' advantage as, even if the music does become repetitive, it is accessible to a larger audience than it might otherwise have.

Bandcamp: https://ignishaereticum.bandcamp.com