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Psalterium Sathanas - Special edition, tan eather bound Summary


Psalterium Sathanas

A First edition, tan colored leather, limited to only 10 exemplars. Printed and bound in 2014 for private distribution. We have two (2) exemplars available.

The Psalterium Sathanas is a small book that contains 24 Devotional Verses dedicated to Lucifer-Satan.

It is a devotional work containing a series of hymns, prayers, and essay work for the purpose of contemplation and reflection upon the refractions of an ancient mystery. This work was written to offer a moment to remove oneself from the mundane and daily routine through a method of meditation and the recitation of mantras. By doing so, one seeks to acknowledge the individual and personal universe within. More so one takes the time to establish a desire and will towards spiritual growth and to concentrate on the spiritual bonds forming with the Master. The Psalterium Sathanas, worked with intention, shall serve as a guide and a spiritual tool for the cultivation of prayer as a practice of 'Bhakti-Yoga: Devotional Service'.

Table of Contents:

- Introduction

Book 1

- 24 prayers, hymns, mantras

Book 2

- The Epistle of Kenosis
- 5 Hymns of Adversary
- Meditation (ritual instructions)
- Grand seal of Fire + invocation
- Grand seal of Air + invocation
- Epilogue

Book specifications:

- 71 pages, 120 grams paper bookblock
- Leather bound hardcover
- Heavy weight 'Blood red' end-papers
- Gold foil lettering to front cover

Artwork by:

P. Weippert, K. Klockmann, C. Tulk & N. Avalos


Book review:

Review by P. Rodway.

Psalterium Sathanas is a deeply personal work and offers what at times can be considered a moving, even beautiful selection of hymns and devotional prayers to Lucifer.

This is not a formulaic ritual manual relying on arcane instructions, nor is it a text that tries to intellectualise the nature of Satan and Satanic practice. This is not a “how to” or a collection of inverted Christian dogma that is seemingly prevalent in this field of writing.

Instead we are gifted a window into the daily offerings and praxis of a dedicated practitioner in the form of contemplations and meditations that can be introduced to your own work.

It is abundantly clear that the author is familiar with a range of esoteric thought from both Western and Eastern traditions and that the hymns and chants are designed to offer a conduit or connection to the essence of the primordial current. These can be used to delve deeper into your own psyche and develop your own connection and understanding of your true being – which for me is the ultimate purpose of any Luciferian activity.

Whilst Psalterium Sathanas is an excellent addition to my library, it is not a book that will sit on a shelf. Rather it is something I will work with and use as I cultivate my own practices and thoughts – highly recommended.



Psalterium Sathanus
by J. Boomsma

Mr. Boomsma is well known for his publishing company Aeon Sophia Press, but if you ever wondered what occult practice Boomsma was engaged in, other then putting out beautiful editions of the occult work of others, you may wonder no more. Sathanas is a moving and inspiring book of devotional hyms to one of my favorite deities, Lucifer, Lord Satan himself. Each hymn is a call to, and in praise of Satan. The depth of love that the author expresses here to Satan is quite moving. In referencing the great aspects of Satan Boomsma praises the Dark Lord's serpentine knowledge, spirit of freedom and rebellion and something that your run of the mill Christian certainly has missed, Satan's ability to confer exquisite trance and mind bending revelations on his devotes. Having experienced a large number of these Satanic revelations personally I can attest to the authors authenticity. By serving Satan, Boomsma also understands that he is serving himself, or his true self, not the illusory ego that we all carry around. This author understands that Satan is not only the Dark Lord, but he is also Lucifer, the light bearer. In this sense Satan-Lucifer can be seen as the Gnostic god Abraxas, balancing both darkness and light, good and evil. There is talk of love and talk of hate in this book and Satan knows we need both to fully live in this world. In this book can be found beautiful meditation practices, prayers, chants in order to assist you to connect more closely with Satan. If you are looking for methods to connect you to the dark realm of Satan then I highly recommend this book. Coming from an old Satanist like myself, this is high praise. Buy this book, dive deep into the Waters of Ain and enjoy the pleasures of Satan's Black Radiance.

Review by Vadge Moore

(Author of the book Malevolence - Aeon Sophia Press, 2015)