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Release date: 20th of December 2018.

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Rites of Nullification by G. de Laval.

Rites of Nullification
by G. de Laval.

The Standard edition of Rites of Nullification will be printed limited to 300 copies. There will also be a Deluxe edition available in an edition of 50 exemplars.

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Rites of Nullification comprise a detailed exegesis and expansion of a passage, in the book Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash, under notes for the demon Lekabel, which enumerate the four Qliphothic worlds of negation set in antagonism against the four Kabbalistic worlds of creation.

Originally written and released in truncated form as the thematic and lyrical underpinning of, and accompaniment to, the four-song album,1557: Rites of Nullification, by Swedish black metal ensemble Mephorash, it quickly became clear that the material therein cried out to grow into a more complete initiation, which is exactly what Aeon Sophia Press will be releasing: a full-praxis version of these ceremonies.

The grimoire enumerates and constructs a carefully and mathematically rigorous gnostic ceremony of the wedding of the Bride of Chaos using as its base structure a four-dimensional contemplative manifold formulated from permutations of the sacred binary, over which are overlaid a set of commonly used occult symbols to create a ritual space for the transformation of consciousness. These tools allow for that primordial differentiation, which gives rise to the possibility of experience itself, to be methodically disassembled. Using the book, the witch is given the opportunity to use demonic energies arranged carefully to deconstruct her own personality as if it were a scripture, giving rise to the possibility of new consciousness beyond the horizon of her reality tunnel, as she perforates it by marrying it to chaos.

In short, Rites of Nullification is an extremely detailed and exhaustive self-initiation that takes the practitioner on a deep dive into ritual and mystical Satanism, beginning with a betrothal to the Devil and commencing in the ur-gnostic bridal chamber itself.


- The Sacred Quaternary
- Introduction
- Shaktipat 
- The Four Elemental Voids 
- Atziluth: Fire
- Beriah: Air
- Y
etzirah: Water
- Assiyah: Earth
- Final Notes on the Worlds of Creation and their Qliphothic Nemeses
- Construction of the Universe
- The Steps of the Ladders of Descent into Negation
- Amulet of Negation
- Hex Primitives
- The Breath of the Hydra of Negation
- The Four Sacrificial Witnesses
- The Sacrificial Witnesses
- The Sacrificial Witness of the Debasement of Atziluth
- Tarotic Essence of the Witness of Fiery Negation
- Sikh Lemenat
- The Sacrificial Witness of the Destruction of Beriah
- Sethurian Esssence of the Witness of Aerial Negation
- Nazav Himmsich
- The Sacrificial Witness of the Malformation of Yetzirah
- Sethurian Esssence of the Witness of Watery Negation
- Tazak Geddoches
- The Sacrificial Witness of the Dissolving of Assiyah
- Sethurian Esssence of the Witness of Earthy Negation
- Chayiv Buddetton
- Master Tables of Elemental Voids
- A Pact with Satan
- Summoning the Devil
- Grimoiric Names of 36 Spirits of Necromantic Satanism
- The Grimoire Spirits Overlaid onto the Kamea of Saturn, the Sphere of Witchcraft
- Invocation of the Aerial Spirits
- Invocation of the Water Spirits
- Invocation of the Earth Spirits
- Invocation off the Aethyrial Spirits
- The Gnostic Ceremony of the Bride of Chaos
- Locate the Dragon
- Select a Location
- Construct the Altar
- Abag Dehu Zachaa Tarot Configuration
- Abeg Dali Khettaa Tarot Configuration
- Abbeh Velay Mena Tarot Configuration
- Eggeh Zalak Mesa Tarot Configuration
- Prepare the Mirror of Conjuration
 Prepare the Amulets
- Amulet of the Future Universe
- Prepare the attire
- Choose the Time
- Prepare the Incense
- Prepare the Circle
- Altar Configuration of Chayiv Buddeton
- Transcode the Incantation for the Dragon to be Summoned
- Perform the Procedure
- Wear the Amulet of the Future Universe for Nine Days
- The Future World
- The Alchemical Precipitate of Aethyr from the Elemental Universe in Solution
- The Cosmic Androgyne
- Baphometic Androgynders
- The Future Universe
- The Hymns of Nullification
- The Hymn of Berberioth
- The Hymn of Cheidolun
- The Hymn of Phezur
- The Hymn of Riphyon
- Appendices
- The Luciferal Cipher

Book Specifications:

Deluxe edition leather bound hardcover

- Black leather bound
- Gold foil sigil & ornament full size spread printed to the front cover
- Gold foil lettering printed to the spine
- A full color printed internal book-block
- 90 grams soft-tone bone-white paper book-block
- Gilt edged bookblock
- Red end-papers
- Black silk head/tail bands
- 218 pages total page count

Strictly limited edition of only 50 exemplars. Each copy hand-numbered and stating its exact limitation.


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- Shipping costs cover minimum of 1 item to maximum 3 items in the basket.

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