The Vulvic Trans-Missionary

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The Vulvic Trans-Missionary Summary

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'The Vulvic Trans-Missionary' by Patrick J. Larabee with a foreword by Shani Oates.

"The Vulvic Trans-Missionary is gnostic in origination, having been pulled from the aethyric domains that surround the self-ensorcelled and drawn down from the astral-zones that abide within Otherness; made visionary through the Projection of I outside the Circumference of Self into dimensions beyond our accustomed and acknowledged environments."

Quarter leather bound + Moire Silk front and back cover
Silver foil lettering to spine and sigil stamp to front cover
Size of the book will be 180 mm x 240 mm

The Vulvic Trans-Missionary & Spectral Effigies - Being a Menstruation of Gnostic Revelation, a book with artwork by the author that will accompany the 33 verses of The Vulvic Trans-Missionary. There will be 33 'spectral effigies' created for this gnostic transmission.

Three verses from the book: 

"I consume that which is and issue forth that which is not - my banquet a feast of the light and my womb-tomb is kala of the night. My dance is reversal, as I spin within the motionlessness of leaping by standing still. There is naught but that which IS: being from non-being manifesting an eternal masquerade of phantasmal-subjectivity objectifying desirous flesh and dreams of nodal awareness. I ravage the self-sane via Self-madness - THAT is but a web incalculable, a dimension beyond ego-absorbtion and reason of mind, bending free-will and crafting fate-mine: explosion of darkness to reveal the particle of dream't object that is eternally dreamless. I am a mirror that reflects what it sees, seer of that which is beyond the eye - a reflectory glance of the object momentarily subjectified." ~ Verse II of The Vulvic Trans-Missionary

"The force that indwells within all form am I, the soul of infinite bodies: the essence of all shape and hidden within the occult conclaves of each thing, as the adytum of all-being - manifesting as diversity and uniquity. Occurence of the infernal and empyrean inter-dimensional entity, daemonic-heart of genius dwelling as secret configuration residing within the vessels of flesh: mind and matter pushing forth from the unrevealed crown of all creation! A diaphanous light of swirling density, a lightning-strike of madness rising forth from the darkness of the infinite deep abyssal waters of naught: experience the path wrought by desire for fulfillment of Self, for thou art self by Self created - spirit of the waters of the night, a gleaming cast of moon-light crashing against the waves and then disappearing forever." ~ Verse XI of The Vulvic Trans-Missionary

"The ambrosial vulva-phallic-entity am I: carnal and deviant consummation, erogenous, erotic, and erotogenic ecstasy: gratification and fulfillment in desirous frenzy! I am a-sexual, creating from myself for myself and give unto myself: I am uni-sexual, taking and giving to myself for my own pleasure: I am bi-sexual, using the twain aspects of the creative-duality of the masculine and feminine for my own design - hetero-homo-auto-sexual spirit of cosmos giving and taking with voluptuous soul: I am trans-sexual and taboo, reaching beyond the flesh and the urge to sate, my dark-soul a mask of provocative and sensual chaos, calling all to enter the black-womb of my non-being - desire is to become Desire, wanton need to express instinctual impulse!" ~ Verse XIX of The Vulvic Transmissionary


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