Psalterium Sathanas book review by P. Rodway

Psalterium Sathanas book review by P. Rodway.

Psalterium Sathanas is a deeply personal work and offers what at times can be considered a moving, even beautiful selection of hymns and devotional prayers to Lucifer.

This is not a formulaic ritual manual relying on arcane instructions, nor is it a text that tries to intellectualise the nature of Satan and Satanic practice. This is not a “how to” or a collection of inverted Christian dogma that is seemingly prevalent in this field of writing. 

Instead we are gifted a window into the daily offerings and praxis of a dedicated practitioner in the form of contemplations and meditations that can be introduced to your own work.

It is abundantly clear that the author is familiar with a range of esoteric thought from both Western and Eastern traditions and that the hymns and chants are designed to offer a conduit or connection to the essence of the primordial current. These can be used to delve deeper into your own psyche and develop your own connection and understanding of your true being – which for me is the ultimate purpose of any Luciferian activity.

Whilst Psalterium Sathanas is an excellent addition to my library, it is not a book that will sit on a shelf. Rather it is something I will work with and use as I cultivate my own practices and thoughts – highly recommended.