Qliphoth Opus 1 book review by R. Wyatt

QLIPHOTH 'Opus 1' review by R. Wyatt

Qliphoth Vol. 1 "The Awakening" (Atavistic Path)

This new journal from Aeon Sophia (First edition of 111 exemplars) sold out almost immediately, but a second edition is due very soon. A very interesting cross section of practioners and indeed practices are represented herein. It would be folly to attempt to present a review of this journal as each individual work of its contents, because what appeals and calls out to me will not necessarily represent the reflection of what appeals to another. Therefore I can only say that I would most certainly recommend it.

Many Occultists are represented here, some more well known than others, but all the works within feel like they have a place here. Edgar Kerval has brought together a fascinating collection and should be commended for this as should Aeon Sophia for the support of such works. Many of the works herein may not fit into your personal path precisely, but the point is they contain interesting ideas and mystique that can and will inspire new ideas and directions that could and would enhance your particular route.

A cd is also included which in parts reminds me of En Nihil and Soliloquy For Lilith era Nurse with Wound. For those not familiar, it's a brooding dark ambient soundscape that could perhaps fit ritual work very well. Later on the sounds vary into more tribal and then industrial sounds, but all in all a very good CD with some very interesting tracks.  

As an entire package this is a fine start to a journal that will be well worth keeping track of. If you don't already own this you most likely should consider buying a copy before a second edition passes you by. Support for occultists sharing their ideas and support for a promising publisher that is working hard to release works that will help shape the future of all of our paths has to be beneficial to every one of us.