Via Siniestra book review by Asenath Mason

Via Siniestra by Edgar Kerval is the first release in Monographic Grimoire Series by Aeon Sophia Press, a high-quality clothbound hardback, presenting the author's record of personal work with dark forces of spiritual transformation. 

The book is the result of practical exploration of a very intriguing set of entities, which the author calls "The Red Gods." These are primal, chthonic spirits, at which he came across during his work with qliphotic energies, named in the book as AXAMUL-MA, LEXAMAT, TARUBAB, XAXIVA, XHAWATII, ZUKUT-MA, ZULGUGAN. In the first few chapters, the author explains the origin and foundations of this work, speaking about practical techniques and methods to contact these entities, analyzing their qualities and powers, and also providing a ritual formula for those who wish to explore this gnosis on their own. 

The second part contains descriptions, rituals and sigils for each of the seven Red Gods. They are accompanied by powerful artworks depicting their primal, atavistic nature. These techniques include invocations, meditations, blood sacrifice, sexual trances, lucid dreaming methods, and records of the author's automatic writing received through his work with these spirits. 

All this creates an extremely evocative and inspirational compilation of practical work with something powerful that can be tapped by a practitioner of the qliphotic path of ascent. Entities described in the grimoire are atavistic, vicious and chaotic. They are reminiscent of amorphous Necronomicon gods , shadowy wraiths from ancient legends, or primordial snake-like, draconian beings of the Typhonian Tradition. They seem to be a part of this primal, forgotten gnosis that is now being brought back from the Void and channeled onto the earth by receptive individuals, talented magicians devoted to the Work, those who seek transformation and rebirth in the very black womb of chaos. 

Those who dismiss these manifestation of primal currents as "unverified gnosis" will be surprised by the depth and genuine experience spilling through the lines of this book. There can be no doubt the author worked very hard to make this gnosis available, exploring it through multitude of techniques and practical methods, providing a coherent working system for further exploration. This is the work of a devoted practitioner, a fascinating record of primordial gnosis being earthed through manifestation of these atavistic entities, and it is also a powerful book for those who do not fear to face the Darkness itself, to gaze into the Void, to let themselves be embraced by Primal Chaos and transformed by forces far older than mankind. 

Review by Asenath Mason