Prelude of Kitvei Kodesh HaChol by M. Wightman

Explanation and background info for the forthcoming book-series by Matthew Wightman.

The Book Series that Aeon Sophia Press and I are about to reveal is the culmination of hard won Revelations and Gnosis gained over the past 15 years of intense study, religious devotion and rigorous occult practice (emphasis on practice).
It is the direct expression of a deep and active engagement with Tradition, Orthodoxy and Fundamentalism—Jewish, Christian, Satanic, Philosophical, Psychological and Scientific—while simultaneously embracing a spirit of pure Antinomian Opposition and (Self)Overcoming.
It is ultimately the result of the Horrifically Beautiful confrontation of opposites—YHVH and HVHY, Cosmos and Anti-Cosmos, Good and Evil, Life and Death, Light and Darkness, Heaven and Hell, Sin and Salvation, Reason and Insanity—whereby a third, heretofore Impossible Possibility might reveal itself.
For the first time, I will reveal the details of my ritual and occult praxis, which have largely been kept hidden in favor of discussing theology, philosophy and devotion.  
While there will continue to be theological, philosophical and devotional elements to my work, they will all revolve around and find their telos in the practical hands-on work of (Self)Sacrifice and Goetic Evocation for the purpose of achieving Ain-ity.
The Kitvei Kodesh HaChol (The Profane/Blasphemous/Unholy Holy Writings) promises to be a massive undertaking, offering readers everything that they have enjoyed about my previous work and especially everything that was missing.

The first series of books in this multi-volume project will fall under the title HaDam Shel Daath v HaDaath Shel Dam (The Blood of Knowledge & The Knowledge of Blood) and will each be broken into five chapters (about which much more will soon be revealed).
As has already been suggested, the undergirding ethos of the Work concerns the active transgression of all boundaries (physical, sexual, emotional, moral, intellectual, etc.) precisely by accepting them.  It is about escaping the Hegelian dialectic of thesis/antithesis/synthesis precisely by embracing it.  It is about accomplishing the Impossible by ceasing to think, reason and speak, and starting to Act (to Perform).
The Work at Hand is about Blaspheming the Holy Spirit: The One Unforgivable (and Impossible) Transgression, performed precisely by embracing and submitting to the Spirit Fully and without Reservation.  
This is to stare directly into the eyes of God, Your God, with Heart, Mind, and Spirit filled with Love, Acceptance and most of all, Obedience, and in that very moment Nail Him to the Cross.  
Only when you have done This, only when you have accepted the Necessity of Opposition, when you have become The Betrayer—Judas, Lucifer…(Anti)Christ—will you know True Freedom from Opposition.
If you succeed (which you cannot): You will know a place beyond the Cycles of Sin and Salvation, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell.  
When you have done this, you will Know AIN.  
When you have “achieved” this “state,” you will be so “damned” that not even the Omnipotent power of God will be able to “save” you.  Not only because He is unwilling (and make no mistake, He will be unwilling) but because you will have accomplished the Impossible by manipulating the Omnipotent power of God to create a rock so heavy in its Sin that even God cannot move it.
If you fail (which you must) you will know only Heaven or Hell—Likely, Hell…if you’re lucky. 
In order to succeed you will need to learn to Love what you Hate—which for many will be even more difficult than the equally necessary Hate of what you Love. 
It will demand that you willingly risk everything that you hold dear, including the very Faustian quest to which this wage is risked, for the Impossible Possibility of Truth.
If you are very lucky, you will walk away alive.
If you are extremely lucky, you will walk away sane.
And if you are impossibly lucky, you will walk away Free.
Good luck!
Matthew Wightman