Aeon Sophia Press is an independent publisher of esoteric and occult books that provide new and interesting approaches, interpretations, and views from within the modern study and praxis of the magical artes. It stands as a nexus for individual authors and artists who seek to publish unique and intriguing works of little known modes of operation and/or philosophies developed by practitioners whose practices run coterminous with other more popular currents and traditions.

All books are printed and bound in the Netherlands.

We work with the best craftsman bookbinders available. Who not only guarantee that all of our books are durable and long lasting, but who are also responsible for the creation for true objects of beauty.

Our aim for Aeon Sophia Press is to serve as a medium to support new authors and artists.

We are seeking non-fiction works of up to 100k words (minimum is 30k words) on magick and the occult. We are interested in personal practices of magicians from past, present and future magical studies. We are also interested in works that shed a new light upon current magick systems for use and study.

Only original works!

Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare, Luciferian Gnosis, Satanism, Traditional Witchcraft.

Submit your text in PDF or doc manuscript format.

All submissions will be treated discreetly. We will let you know within 2 weeks if your material is suitable for us to publish.

Email: aeonsophiapress@gmail.com

Aeon Sophia Press news Blog: http://aeonsophiapress.blogspot.com/