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Rites of Nullification by G. de Laval PRE-ORDER Summary

Currently not available.

Forth coming will be the reprint of "Rites of Nullification". 

The author is still working on final details and corrections and editing the manuscript and internal lay-out design, which takes a bit longer than we anticipated at the time we made the pre-order sales available. 

The corrections and editing of the work is now in its final stage.

Rites of Nullification by G. de Laval.

Rites of Nullification by G. de Laval.

The Standard edition of Rites of Nullification will be printed limited to 200 copies. There will also be a deluxe edition available in an edition of 50 exemplars.

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This book was previously published in an extremely limited edition softcover version that came with the deluxe editions of the CD and LP of the band MEPHORASH.

Aeon Sophia Press will now do a limited reprint of this grimoire. This reprint will be totally revised edition with a new internal lay-out design, extra info and a new chapter added.

The reprint of "Rites of Nullification" will be produced in two A5 sized book editions being a standard cloth bound hardcover which is limited to 200 copies and a leather bound deluxe edition which will be printed strictly limited to 50 exemplars max.

We realize very much that these fine bound books are expensive works of gnosis. And we find it important to maintain our level of product quality, but also that the gnosis that lies herein finds its way to devotees and students of this system of Magical Art.

Preview of the 'Introduction' chapter of the Rites of Nullification book:


The four Rites of Nullification are the consummation of an exegesis of a passage in the book Black Magic Evocation of the Shem Ha Mephorash, under notes for the demon Lekabel. Using the basic symbol set and techniques of Western esoteric tradition, the Rites describe four dragons who wend their way through contemplative hyper-worlds formulated by this treatise of black magick, seeking to antagonize the four creative worlds of the tree of live.

They are summoned and dispatched to void the traditional self-identity via diffractive meditation within a binary switching matrix whose sixteen points define the vertices of an unstable four-dimensional  cube or tesseract.

The demons of nullification systematically hunt and hunted in thus matrix, devouring and having devoured their way through four elemental chambers of the psyche. Frozen in time, their work is ever unfolding and eternally complete, their four ravenous mouths united at the eye of the transmissible void: Satan. personification of sentient Nonbeing, Surpreme Being of witches and boundless black throat of the devourer, where the ontological and epistemological boundaries of possibility are perforated and the soul of the magician is entangled with and married to Pandemonium.

The Rites of Nullification are a theoretical construction of as well as Hymns of a wedding ceremony of the Bride of Chaos, which is symbolically enacted through a siege  laid on all fronts against the four Kabbalistic worlds of creation. This Qliphothic war, waged by great demon generals of The Other Side, ever unfolding yet eternally consummated, is both fought and is perpertually commemorated by systematic contemplation of the relationship of these primival world-states and their antagonistic, demonic counter-assaults, and through sigils and incantations created from poetic resonances from the ordered arrangement of the unbalanced hostile emanations it represents.
As the possible states of this matrix disambiguate, a contemplative hyperspace is constructed, a discursive gateway giving entrance to four monstrous, ophidian demons who ever wend yet have always wended their way from the kingdom of the enthroned witch to the void of ego-nullification where their ravenous mouths meet at the throat of Hell. The portal opened, personification of sentient nonbeing, perforates the membrane between ontological and epistemological possibility, slurs causal structures and a singular timeless moment is opened by which the witch entangles with and is married to chaos.

The theory and contruction of the Rites are systemized in the first part of the book; the last part of the book is dedicated to the incantations of the formal ceremony.

Table of Contents preview:


- The Quaternary from Permutations of the Binary

- Introduction

- The Four Elemental Voids

1) Atziluth: Fire
2) Beriah: Air
3) Yetzirah: Water
4) Assiyah: Earth

- Final Notes on the Worlds of Creation and their Qliphotic Nemeses

- Construction of the Hypercube

- The steps of the Ladders of Descent into Negation

- Amulet of Elemental Negation

- The Four Sacrificial Witnesses

- The Sacrificial Witness of the Debasement of Atziluth

- Sikh Lemenat

- The Sacrificial Witness of the Malformation of Yetzirah

- Tazak Geddoches

- The Sacrificial Witness of he Dissolving of Assiyah

- Chayin Buddates

- Master Table of Elemental Voids

- The Hymns of Nullification
- The Hymn of Berberioth
- The Hymn of Cheidolun
- The Hymn of Phezur
- The Hymn of Riphyon

An extra previously unpublished chapter will be added also.


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