The Explicit Name of Lucifer Standard Edition

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The Explicit Name of Lucifer Standard Edition Summary

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Being at once a grimoire of Goetic conjuration, a new Shem ha Mephorash system,  and a treatise on the construction of a new, subversive English gematria.

A pocketbook-sized condensed formulary outlining a previously unpublished, lesser Shem ha Mephorash system. It employs the the same set of semiotic mechanics which resulted in the well-known version, this time utilized to analyze another passage in the same set of ancient source documents, this one pertaining conceptually to Lucifer, the puissant, renegade archangel of light who dominates much of modern Western left-hand-path occultism. Its catalog of 26 spirits, in addition to being open to the same kind of techniques outlined in the previous two books, are alchemically distilled into charged memetic essences that repurpose the letters of the English alphabet and provide a new, specialized Gematria for establishing lattices of esoteric correspondences. The lattices organize groups of concepts that can be written in the English alphabet, opening them up to new and strange dimensions of analysis. 112 pages, standard Pocketbook format.


- Luciferal Ciphers
- The Script of Lucifer
- The Lesser Shem ha Mephorash of Lucifer
- Demonic Venusian Energy Matrix
- The Demons of the Luciferal Script
- Ritual Preparations
- The Conjuration Seal of the Spirits of the Luciferal Script
- The Conjuration Seal of Three Witches
- Consecration Ceremony of the Lucifer Cipher
- The Incantation
- The Spirits of the Luciferal Alphabet
- The Demon Bour
- Luciferal Gematria
- The Luciferal Cipher
- Examples of Luciferal Gematria Correspondences

Book specifications:

- Black Italian cloth bound hardcover
- Gold foil print to the front cover
- Black end-papers
- Black head/tail bands

- 112 pages
- 120 gr. paper book block 


Book review:

The Explicit Name of Lucifer

This is a good point to mention The Explicit Name Of Lucifer (ENL), because while Luciferian gematria is mentioned briefly at the back of SUM, it isn't until ENL's release that the full meaning and depth of that system is understood. And it's not a system you'll find anywhere else, it's a unique discovery by the author himself. Looking to find a proper system in which to make a perfect english cipher, he devised the Luciferian gematria which is more or less this, a perfect English cipher, however each of the series of special sigils which make up this cipher are derived from Hebrew trigramattons which when combined together make the divine name of Lucifer. Each sigil in itself rests a demonic energy current, and when the currents are combined together they create a perfect link to the lightbearer himself. The specific trigrammatons are derived from a lesser Shem Ha Mephorash system (a system of deriving esoteric power words out of texts in Hebrew biblical literature), which the author has some pretty convincing explanation for where he derived his information from (including the specific nature of the passage, as well as the gematria correspondences of the specific power words derived from the passage). The book starts with the demonic sigils, their gematria correspondences, and a ritual in which to activate the power within the sigils for the would be user of the system. Once the user has completed the ritual the sigils become activated to them, and the rest of the book, which contains a breakdown of all of the specific traits and powers of the demonic entities contained within the Luciferian sigil script, becomes that's much more useful. If you're familiar with G. D's other works then it will be of no surprise that the system is carefully crafted and well practiced by the author unto perfection before presentation, and it shows in the work itself.

The Infidel Network book review of "The Explicit Name of Lucifer