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AKRABU "Hammer of the Moon" 10inch vinyl
IN STOCK: AKRABU Hammer of the Moon 10" vinyl album. This is a limited release by a sub label from Aeon Sophia Press being Path of Amenta Records . The tracks were recorded exclusively for Aeon Sophia Press to release as a high end genuine vinyl album format. The 10" is housed in a heavy weight black...
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IGNIS HAERETICUM - "Luciferian Gnosis" music CD
IGNIS HAERETICUM "Luciferian Gnosis" CD. Luciferian Gnosis Tracklisting: 1. Sub Tuum Praesidium 2. Mysterium Fidei 3. Ad Serpentem Tortuosum 4. Luciferian Gnosis 5. Sekhem-Hra Apep 6. De Sphinge Revelationem Mysterii 7. Exercitatus Spiritualium 8. Sic Luceat Lux Vestra! Blackmetal. Review: 'An immersive...
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Phurpa ‎– Rituals Of Bön II 12
Phurpa ‎– Rituals Of Bön II 12" vinyl
In Stock: Phurpa Rituals of Bon II 12" vinyl Phurpa is an extraordinary artistic and cultural project, not only on a European scale. For years, its members have been exploring the traditions of Bön the magical practices of ancient Tibet, Iran and even Egypt, and they take it closer to their listeners....
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Phurpa / Deathstench ‎– Evoking Shadows Of Death..
Phurpa / Deathstench ‎– Evoking Shadows Of Death..
Phurpa / Deathstench Evoking Shadows Of Death LP Black Plagve 2016 https://noisereceptor.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/phurpa-deathstench-evoking-shadows-of-death/ Review: On paper the pairing of the Russian ritual collective Phurpa and the American death industrial unit Deathstench promised to deliver intriguing...
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